Inoroom™ delivers four new turn-key operating rooms to Oulu University Hospital

Inoroom™ has been selected to deliver four turn-key operating rooms to Oulu University Hospital in Finland. The operating rooms will be used as a provisional site for approximately ten years. The modular design of the solution allows the construction to be re-located to a new site after the temporary location is closed. Further, the turn-key concept brings along improved project management rate and efficiency.
“From constructional point of view, the Oulu University Hospital case is significantly more extensive compared to previous Inoroom™ projects because in addition to actual operating rooms, the project includes the construction of an entire new building that will complement the existing hospital facilities currently in operation. This requires new construction methods as well. Our partner in the construction project is Lapti Oy with whom we also have previous experience in cooperation,” says Mikael Sokolnicki, Head of Inoroom™ Development and Sales.

The total operating room solution will include e.g. the design and implementation of cleanroom structures, ventilation, electricity, operating room automation, hospital gases and hospital gas exhaust system, heating and cooling, ceiling pendants, lighting as well as the water and drainage system.

The project will be carried out as an innovation partnership enabled by the new EU procurement directives encouraging procurement procedures that facilitate greater innovation.

The project has started and it will be completed by the end of March 2018. 

Inoroom™ combines the best practices of operating room construction

The Inoroom™ concept combines the benefits of a modular operating room and a turn-key solution where one provider takes overall responsibility for the project, starting from the design phase and extending to the final indoor environment quality experienced by end-users.

“Inoroom™ provides patients and hospital staff with optimal conditions that represent the latest technology. For instance, the staff may adjust the conditions of the operating room according to special needs by using a single touch screen. From the builder’s point of view, Inoroom™ means lean project management and faster completion of the project,” Mikael Sokolnicki summarizes.

Inoroom™ is an operating room solution created jointly by three Finnish partners, each contributing its own expertise. This is an R&D co-initiative, in which Halton makes ventilation solutions, Hermetel has clean room knowhow and Merivaara provides the operating room system and hospital furniture competence.