Inoroom™ is a permanent operating room solution applicable to hospitals meeting Western requirements. Inoroom is particularly suited to new constructions, but it can also be retrofitted.

The complete Inoroom is a complete basic operating room. It consists of three solutions: hermetically sealed clean room, ventilation system and control system. Their compatibility has been tested and verified in advance. The customer can complement the operating room with the desired components and features either when placing the order or after the purchase is done.

Hospital technology, such as anaesthesia, EKG or MRI equipment, is not included in the delivery.

Watch a video: Inoroom – A new integrated operating room solution

Inoroom experts tell how the solution combines ease-of-use, functionality and efficiency in an exceptionally intelligent way. 

Inoroom operating idea

Inoroom hygiene is created particularly with the sealed wall structure and ventilation. The sealed space guarantees that adjusting ventilation is as precise as possible and ventilation is controlled efficiently. The control system and its automation enhance the use of the operating room.

1. Hermetically sealed clean room

The outer shell of Inoroom, i.e. the wall structures, form a hermetically sealed clean room. The sealed wall structure provides the prerequisites for ventilation that functions as desired. It ensures a hygienic operating room and energy-efficient ventilation.

2. Ventilation system

The ventilation system manages the temperature, level of micro particles and humidity of the operating room and air movement. The ventilation system also ensures the desired pressure differences between the operating room and other facilities. The pressure differences guarantee that infection risks outside of the operating room are kept out with overpressure, and vice versa.

The operating room functions, such as air conditioning, can be controlled according to its use and required hygiene level, which saves energy more than the current systems.

3. Control system             

The control system makes a smart operating room and it controls the operating room’s ventilation and lighting, for example.  A connection for remote consultation is also possible with the system. Thanks to the open control system, the control feature is not specific to equipment brand or manufacturer, but the system is able to control all the devices equipped with user interface software opened to equipment control by their manufacturers.

Inoroom utilises smart energy use in ventilation and lighting. The settings specific to each operation and surgeon allow quicker changes between patients.

Operating principle

A more hygiene and safe operating room environment for both the patients and the staff